Property Restoration Services from Spire

Repairing concrete and steel to restore the structure back to its original condition.

Structural Concrete Restoration

Replacement of damaged brick and deteriorated mortar.

Masonry Restoration

Repairing exterior insulation and finish system to its original design specification.


Replacing or repairing and refinishing damaged or worn handrails.

Handrail Restoration

Application of the proper sealants and coatings to horizontal concrete surfaces.

Walkway and Balcony Decks

Application of a multi-layered waterproofing system to protect from water and moisture penetration.

Plaza Decks

Replacing old or damaged windows and sealing them to prevent water intrusion.

Window Replacement

Application of traffic-bearing membranes to withstand the wear and tear of vehicles and prevent deterioration.

Parking Garage Restoration

Restoring stucco assemblies and finishes.

Stucco Restoration