Exterior Building Maintenance Services

Application of high-build elastomeric and acrylic coating systems to protect building façades.

Weatherproof Coating Systems

Application of decorative wall coatings to provide both aesthetic and protective features.

Architectural Paint

Installation of long-lasting commercial sealants at exterior penetrations.

Sealant Replacement

Restoration of window and door sealing capabilities to ensure water-tightness.

Window Glazing

Replacement of building joints at connection points in building façades, where movement occurs most.

Expansion Joints

Premium-quality exterior enamel alkyd resin system.

Metal Refurbishment

Coating systems to decks and walls to provide decorative design.

Decorative Finishes

Acrylic, solvent, and urethane membrane systems designed for pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

Waterproof Deck Membranes

Installation of waterproof membrane to interior surfaces of planters and fountains.